Stuart B. Mitchell
Stuart Mitchell travels throughout the world as a servant to the whole church.  Loving service to the local believers trademarks his gift, stirring each one to hear God for himself and walk in his own Jesus assigned role. 

Stuart has been throughout the United States as well as 18 other nations.  This has given Stuart a deep intimacy with the current move of the Holy Spirit to transform the Bride of Christ. 

Stuart was apprehended by the Lord in 1959 and invited the Holy Spirit into his walk in 1965.  His unique service began to be recognized in the late 60's.  After 5 years as a U.S. Coast Guard officer, he continued to serve the Kingdom of God for more than 20 years while practicing communications law in the Washington D.C. area.  Now, based in Springfield, Oregon, he and his wife Joy, have five children and two grandchildren. 

Stuart's style is to speak the word of the Lord in a simple ordinary way.  As he serves, people find freedom and  confidence in hearing God.  His teachings focus on practical preparations enabling believers to easily give to others what they have received.  Many have described him as a prophet of encouragement.
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Stuart B. Mitchell
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